Born an Army brat, Debby grew up in Illinois, Oregon, Washington, California and Missouri.     Musically focused and technically inclined, she went to school everywhere and worked as an electrical designer, structural steel detailer and an industrial engineer.

Debby was reborn on the road to New York where she began reinventing herself and her music. Focusing on the classic country music and folk sound of seasoned musicians, she developed the New York Country Blues genre. 

Like most midwesterners, Debby thought New York was just a great city. She explored the landscape and found that New York State was even greater. She traveled through the Adirondacks, the Catskills and along the Hudson Valley. She found the landscape spectacular and the diverse people to be interesting with their own stories to tell, a songwriter's paradise. We are all immigrants in a new world.   

Debby is living proof that carving a path in life is often an uphill struggle, but the miracle of music reminds us that "In spite of the bad stuff, life is worth living every minute of  it". Always searching for "Home", she found it within her wherever she happened to be. Working with seasoned and developing artists worldwide, she founded Debby Turner Music to create, publish, produce, promote and distribute a variety of music catalogs including her "New York Country" music. Her songs are sung around the world and her music is heard in broadcasting everywhere.

Debby Turner Music Corp.

P.O. Box 4557

Queensbury, NY 12804