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  Hailing from the Adirondacks of New York, Debby invites you to experience for yourself the rebirth of classic country music around the world. Requested by global country music fans, she works with experimental blends of retro country music with the classic heart and soul of the St. Louis Blues, established the new genre, "New York Country" music.

Catchy melodies that you can't get out of your head, poetic lyrics that invite you to sing along for the ride. Songs of the good old days, the heartaches, the triumphs, songs of the dusty road describes the allure of traditional country music that has inspired so many generations of poets, prophets, pilgrims, artists, musicians and singers. When global musicians lend their time and talents to present the voice of the new world, songs of love, loss, survival and hope offers fresh inspiration to each of us in our respective music making arenas.  


Welcome to New York Country!
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